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Please note: Each Therapist blends a variety of their training into each session. If there is a specific modality please be sure to ask the therapist if they do it.


Your typical relaxing massage, with smooth gliding strokes and soft kneading on the topmost layers of the muscles.


Similar strokes as the therapeutic massage but slower. Firm and deeper strokes on even deeper layers of the muscles. Mixed with stretching techniques. Helps realign deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas.


Applied pressure to knots that develop in a muscle when it has been injured or overworked. Its localized areas of tenderness within a muscle in which can send referred pain to other parts of the body.


Very gentle laying on of hands. Clearing, charging, restructuring and balancing the energy within and around the body.


CST – Uses a soft gentle touch evaluating and enhancing the functioning of the craniosacral system comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. This allows the body to relax and self-correct.


Fascia surrounds and separates our muscle tissue. It is designed to move easily but at times we suffer from restrictions. Restrictions can be caused by a number of things such as inflammation, injury, and surgery. Myofascial Release is gentle, sustained pressure, applied to the muscle and fascia, to unwind and free the restriction, ease pain and restore movement. It is often incorporated in a massage session.


A great way to end the summer and survive the winter.

Start off with body scrub to the body riding the body of dead skin, followed with massage using coconut oil which is known for its antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties that make it beneficial for immune support. Your choice of aromatherapy included.


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½ hour – $65          1 hour – $100          1 ½ hour – $135


½ hour – $70          1 hour – $120          1 ½ hour – $170


½ hour – $65          1 hour – $100          1 ½ hour – $135


½ hour – $65          1 hour – $100   


Add On – $30


Children under 18 years: ½ hour – $45          50 minutes – $70



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Products We Use

~ Young Living Essential Oils ~

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Qi Gong

Is a form of martial art that helps you gather energy from the universal field and bring it into your body. Through various hand movements and breathing, you strengthen and build energy while staying grounded. Qi Gong moves a lot of blood and generates lots of energy without lots of movement or stress. This is a great way to internalize energy and feel it. Helps with focusing our mind.


Our yoga classes are suitable for all levels and taught by Laura Jacques.


Many people that I have talk to have said, they cannot clear their mind to meditate. I believe it’s not about clearing our mind but redirecting it. As you would be redirecting a child getting into something you don’t want them to. Meditation for me is about connecting to spirit. I will begin Meditation classes soon.

Core Energetics

Core Energetics is a body-oriented spiritual approach to psychology founded by psychiatrist John Pierrakos, MD. Core Energetics is internationally acclaimed, and has grown to 20 training centers around the world.

In Core Energetics we uniquely combine talking/coaching with physically expressive exercises. The goal is to integrate all levels – the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the will, with our connection to Spirit – by working with the body as a transformational bridge.

This integration promotes self-understanding and a more authentic sense of self, which leads to a deeper groundedness in oneself and greater happiness and fulfillment in life. Underlying the Core Energetic process is the Spiritual belief that our problems and issues in life are not about being ‘bad’, but a call from our Soul to grow into more of who we really are.

The Core Energetic approach is powerfully catalytic, often leading to significant, lasting transformation. As a result, you are able to use your positive Will to make more fulfilling choices, coming from your connection to Spirit (a greater power) and who you really are.

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The Beneficial Effects of Massage

Massage increases the number of red blood cells, especially in case of anemia

Massage acts as a “mechanical cleanse,” stimulation lymph circulation and hastening elimination of waste and toxins.

Massage increases blood supply and nutrition to muscles without adding to their load of toxic lactic acid, which is produced through voluntary muscle contraction. Massage thus helps to prevent build-up of harmful fatigue products resulting from exercise or injury.

Massage relaxes muscle spasms and relieves tension.

Massage improves muscle tone and helps prevent or delay muscular contraction in people who, because of injury, illness, or age, are forced to remain inactive. In these cases, massage helps return venous blood to the heart, thus easing the strain on this vital organ.

Massage may have a meditative, stimulating, or even exhausting effect on the nervous system, depending on the type and length of massage treatment given.

Massage – by improving the general circulation – increases the amount of nutrition supplied to the tissues.

Massage, according to some authorities, may “burst” the fat capsule in subcutaneous (beneath the skin) tissue, so that the fat exudes and becomes absorbed. In this way, massage – combined with a nutritious, low-fat diet, can be an aid to weight loss.

Massage encourages the retention of nitrogen, phosphorous, and sulfur necessary for tissue repair in people convalescing from bone fractures.

Massage improves circulation and nutrition for the joints, and hastens the elimination of harmful deposits. It helps lessen inflammation and swelling in the joints, and so alleviates pain.

Massage helps to reduce edema following injury of ligaments and tendons, lessening pain and facilitating movement.

Massage makes you feel good!

~ From Survival Into the 21st Century, by Victor Kulvninskas ~

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