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Cris Jacobs

Life Coach  –  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)  –  Core Energetic Practitioner

Cris Jacobs is a Life Change Coach in West Hartford, at HFI’s Center for Healing Arts. He has been helping clients transform their lives, relationships, and careers since he transitioned from his 20-year corporate career in 1997.

Cris has a Certificate as a Core Energetics (body-oriented psychology) Practitioner, an advanced certificate in EFT (the Emotional Freedom Technique), and is in Phase 3 of HFI’s Professional Training in Body-Oriented Psychotherapy and Subtle Energy Healing. Before beginning his Core Energetics studies, Cris completed 2 years at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

Other education includes an MBA (Dartmouth) and an undergraduate degree in Psychology & Economics (Duke).

Contact Info:

Email: [email protected]  –  Website: lifechgcoach.com  –  Phone: 860-559-5946

Michael Jernegan, Astrologer

Astrological Reading – Astrological Chart

To me, an astrological chart is a map of the heavens at the time and place of your birth. I believe that anyone born at a given moment is reflective of that moment. So in looking at the position of the planets when you were born I see this as the seed for potential that was planted at birth, I see this as the road map of your life journey, and I see this as your original choice upon entering this world, showing what type of experiences you will have in this lifetime. I believe an astrological chart can help us with better knowledge and understanding, gifting us with the ability to make better life choices.

I have been studying astrology for decades and offer people a view of their talents and lessons in life, as well as the karmic path their soul has chosen to follow in this lifetime. I view this work as an inspired session of spiritual life coaching. I give readings that include this information as it relates to your highest potential in career, relationships, health, creative expression, and spiritual growth. I offer a variety of services that include location maps to help you find the best places in the world to manifest your potentials, as well as composite relationship charts that show how you relate with another person in partnership whether that is a family, friendship, romantic, or business connection. I have taught classes and seminars, and been a guest on radio shows to talk about the effects of the planets in the world. My readings also include psychic channeling, with added guidance from the spirit world. I have clients around the world and offer readings in person or via telephone, with voice recordings sent through Email or mailed on a CD. I currently live in Seattle, WA, but also travel to New England (where I was born and raised) to give in person sessions at least twice a year.

My first training was as an art teacher and I have worked in many artistic jobs including production design for motion pictures. I am still a practicing artist; painting vibrantly colorful acrylic canvases, and weaving tapestries. I also write film screenplays, with the unique approach of giving each character a birth date, and therefore an astrological chart which gives me that special insight into creating their particular character.

Contact Info:

To contact me for a session, I can best be reached at my Email: [email protected]